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industrial cleaning services

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As a trusted provider of commercial cleaning services for a variety of industries for nearly a decade, we understand our clients' different needs and expectations. Now, in the time of Covid-19, protecting the safety and health of your staff, customers, and visitors makes having a trusted professional cleaning partner in your corner even more critical. We’re here to help make sure your commercial space is meticulously cared for, spotless, and disinfected according to CDC standards.

Industries We Serve

Every business has unique needs. We create a customized and individualized plan to figure out how to serve you best.
Wherever you need help with maintenance and improvement, we’ve got you covered, including:


For dealerships, repair shops, and other automotive industry facilities, we have what it takes to keep every area of your commercial space clean. By ensuring a spotless, sanitary, welcoming environment, you build trust with your customers and staff alike.

Healthcare & Medical

For health-related organizations, a deeply sanitary environment is of the utmost importance to provide your patients with the best care possible. We’ll make sure your building is clean and disinfected, so you can focus on keeping patients healthy.

Real Estate - Condos, Property Managed Buildings

With lots of people living and working in your buildings, you need a comprehensive cleaning plan to disinfect, clean, and tidy communal areas. We work hard to ensure your tenants and staff can feel confident and proud that their home is a safe and beautiful place.

Manufacturing & Industrial

We provide commercial cleaning services industrial businesses of all scopes and layouts. Our cleaning crews have specialized skills to keep your warehouse, factory, or other facility in pristine condition.

Non-Profits, Including Religious Organizations

For community-centered non-profits, it’s a top priority to make your environment welcoming, clean, and sanitary. We ensure your house of worship, communal space, or other gathering center is pristine, for your peace of mind.

General Business

From the bathroom to the breakroom, our cleaning crews will provide an individualized cleaning plan that keeps your office and commercial space spotless!

Fitness & Wellness

The proper sanitization of your facility and equipment is critical to your business health. Our experienced team uses the best commercial-grade products without harsh chemicals — to keep your equipment long-lasting and your clients safe.


With students and staff always hustling to get to class, it’s hard to maintain a clean space. We’ll provide a customized cleaning solution for any sized-school or educational facility that puts the health and safety of your students and staff first.

Food & beverage

When going out to eat or drink, your customers want to enjoy the experience, not worry about their safety. We’ll make sure your property is shining, spotless, and up to code so that they can kick back and relax, knowing that you make their health a priority.

Hotels & Motels

Making sure travelers feel comfortable and safe has never been more crucial. With our top-of-the-line janitorial services, your customers will be able to enjoy their stay!


From single stores to large shopping centers, we’ll work with you to maintain a sparkling clean environment, so your customers feel safe shopping.


Traveling doesn’t have to be stressful. We’re experienced in cleaning travel centers from airport and bus terminals to train stations, so customers, staff, and crew feel secure and safe in a sanitary space.

Special Events & Entertainment

Your event is what should leave a lasting impression — not the function space. We’ll keep your venue pristine, before and after events, for a beautiful presentation.

And many more!

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industrial cleaning services

Areas Served

We’re proud to serve a variety of industries in the following states:

  • Wisconsin
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Minnesota
  • Michigan
  • Indiana
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota

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